Rep Search

Interested in becoming a Hello Lovely Box Rep? 
Now’s your chance! We’re building two teams: Bookstagram + Booktube!

To apply: 
Please share the Rep Search graphic, along with 3-5 photos you feel represent your personality and vibe, in a grid photo or swipe post! Post the collection on your feed, tag @hellolovelybox, use hashtags #HLBRepSearch and #HelloLovelyBox, and answer the following questions:

What is your name?

Where are you from?

Favorite small business?

What is your ultimate romance read? 

What's the deal to be a rep?
Our new reps will be a part of the Hello Lovely Girl Gang for 6 months, receiving monthly packages and fun shop perks! Keep reading for more specifics.

Every month, each rep will receive a curated package from Hello Lovely, complete with different items, both from the shop and boxes! In addition to this box of goodies, each rep will receive a personal code for 30% off everything in the shop for personal use, which can also be used towards subscription boxes while you are a rep! You will also be given a code for 15% off that you can offer to your followers. When the rep commitment ends, every rep will receive a 20% off code to use for as long as they like! Just a little way to say thank you 💕

Above all, we value authentic engagement and consistency! We want reps who use their own unique brand and aesthetic to connect with their followers and celebrate all things Hello Lovely, romance books, and sisterhood! We value your creative, original content above all else and we don't want to stifle that. 

We ask the following of all our reps:

  • Consistent engagement on HLB social media- we would love for you to comment, like, and share posts! When new items are launched or restocked, we ask that you share in your stories, or if it is a personal fav, in your feed!
  • We ask for 1 post per week with a HLB item + tag on your social media feed! It can be any item from the monthly rep package or an item that’s currently in the shop.
  • When you receive your monthly rep package, we ask for an unboxing in your Instagram Stories! It’s so fun to watch :)
  • For each monthly box, we ask for photos of all items found in rep package, taken in the your personal style, regardless of social media posting, for use on both the HLB website and social media, anywhere from 8-12 photos. These photos are to be uploaded to the Dropbox link provided. 
  • When you receive apparel, we request for at least one to be an on body picture or you in the photo/using or wearing HLB merchandise (selfies totally count, as long as you can see the HLB item)! 

Are you a BookTuber?

We have a special team just for you! To enter, email us an intro link (hellolovelybox {at} gmail {dot} com) with your YouTube and apply on Instagram, and make sure to let us know you are interested in the BookTube team! 

BookTubers will receive similar benefits as Bookstagrammers, and we ask a few slightly different things for that platform! 

We ask that you share your rep code in all descriptions of videos. When you receive your monthly rep package, we ask that you create a fun unboxing video to share with your follower! We would also love for you to wear or feature a Hello Lovely Box product periodically in your bookish videos. We want you to be your authentic self, sharing only things you love. 

We can't wait to meet our next Lovely Babes!