Here is a list of cozy reader must haves! 

Every reader has a cozy place and get up for the ultimate reading experience. It's everything you need to dive head first into your current read and escape the world for a little bit. I've got some of my favorite items I always have on hand for the perfect cozy reading experience!

It's all about the lounge wear, am I right?! I recommend a CUTE SWEATSHIRT from Hello Lovely Box (they have so many reader, bookish designs to choose from). You definitely need a Fablebands headband to keep your hair out of your face while you read the day away. My favorite one is HERE! I also live in THESE leggings. They ate perfect for when I'm on a major book binge and they keep up with me in my awkward reading positions. And socks from HERE rounds out the beautiful OOTD quite nicely! 

Now what about other items to keep on hand... First up, you always need a beverage to keep you company as you read. Personally, I would pair THIS cute mug with a fantastic blend of tea from Call Me Sweetea! This is my FAV blend.

A few more items that are never too far out of reach are my Delight Naturals chapstick and a comfy, cute blanket! 

What are some of your must haves?!

Written by Tina Stokes

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