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Shipping Updates & Policy

Thanks so much for shopping with us!

Preorder & Restock Shipment Status:

October LOVE BOX: Shipped

December LOVE BOX: TBD

Spring Box (Penelope Ward) preorders: Shipped

May Trope of the Month: Shipping now

Summer Box (Elsie Silver): Shipping late June

J. Daniels Preorder: Shipping late June

When will my Bloom or Bouquet Preorder ship? 
Seasonal boxes will ship during the months of March, June, September, December. We always try to ship mid month, but sometimes delays happen. Shipping updates are always available on our social medias. Feel free to reach out as well. 

What if I ordered multiple items with my Bloom or Bouquet preorder?
Nearly always, we try to ship everything together. 

What do you consider to be a signed book?
Hand signatures and hand stamped signatures are both considered signed by the author at HLB. 

When will my Trope of the Month box ship?
TotM boxes ship at the end of every month. If you order was placed on or after the 4th of a month, it will ship the following month.

When will my mystery box, apparel, accessory, or happy box ship?
Non-preorder purchases will ship in between 3-15 business days. We're a one woman shipping system. Our goal is always to get you your package as soon as possible. 

What if I need a package sooner than 15 business days?
Please let us know in the notes!

Have a question concern or address change?
Please email us with your order number at orders@hellolovelybox.com
*Last updated 5/26/23*