About Us

What is Hello Lovely? 

Hello Lovely is more than a box full of happy items. It's as much a self care package as it is a network of sisterhood. When Becca first thought about what she wanted this company to be, she wanted to create a community and sisterhood of women through the products she sold and to represent that sisterhood in every step.

They say to walk the talk, and that's exactly what we do here.  We make it a priority to put our money where our mouth is, sourcing everything we can from small businesses owned and run by women.

We chose a specific nonprofit, INK180, because of the work they do with victims of sex trafficking & more. INK180 helps so many people from different paths by doing free tattoo cover ups and removals. This action is just another step in helping the sisters we don't know yet. 

Why "Hello Lovely"?

Becca wanted something equal parts bookish, bright, strong, feminine, and powerful. Because you are a lovely, bright, strong, and powerful woman.

Why romance novels?

To us, romance novels are changing the world. While we don't consider Hello Lovely to be a book box, we believe that romance novels promote feminism, active support of women-owned small businesses, and that happily ever after. Love makes the world go 'round and sometimes reading about a first kiss can brighten an entire day. 

Meet Becca:

Becca is a twenty-something red lipstick wearing donut fiend living in Southern California with definitely, too many mugs and her handsome husband. She learned the meaning of feminine sisterhood through fresh eyes and an online community that's ever changing. Her days are spent reading romance novels and getting paid to do it.