Frequently Asked Questions

Is each season going to have different items of sisterhood inside?
Absolutely. Each season will have it's own theme and new products inside. Sometimes it will be from the same vendor, but always something different.

When will I receive my box?
Boxes go out around the start of each season (Late March/June/Sept./Dec.) . You will be notified when it has been shipped out. 

When is the last day to purchase my box?
We usually will post on our social media accounts, but it's often the first week of the ship out month.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We do. 
All VAT and customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer. If certain pertinent shipping information is missing, there may be delays in sending out the box. 

Can I upgrade my box from Bundle to Bouquet?
Absolutely! Just send us an email at info@hellolovelybox.com & we will get it sorted.

If I love something in my box, will I be able to buy it again?
That would be the best! We will always include each shop's information that we feature, however certain products are made exclusively for our box.

Can I cancel my subscription?
We'd be sad to see you go. But yes so long as it's before the next subscription payment is charged, you can. 

Can I return my box?
We do not accept returns. 

If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@hellolovelybox.com or send us a message on our Facebook page.